What is the WFCSP?

WFCSP which stands for Waltham Forest Community Sponsorship Partnership which is an organisation that's been registered for five years with the domain name (www.wfcsp.org). Our organisation is reaching to target as many Syrian families to help them to gain their confidence once again by providing them a starter to life. We are trying to raise up to £10,000 for each family to help them start a new life where they can eat properly and complete simple tasks such as registering their whole family for a doctor surgery, dentist surgery, applying for jobs and applying for their children to go to school. We are so lucky to have a life where we don't need to worry about the simplest things such as getting a job and feeding your children but these families have nothing as everything was left behind in the place they once called home.

Can you imagine it was a normal day or maybe one of your happiest days and you felt like you didn't need to worry about anything but all of a sudden you hear bombs exploding, guns firing and people dying in front of your eyes. These moments are the moments that will stay with these families forever and they might not trust any place they are going to or anyone they are speaking to and we can't blame them for that but the least we can do is to support and give them our trust that not all people are selfish and that we are here to help them, meaning not helping them for a day but for a while until their whole family is able to stand on their two feets and continue to live their lives in a happier and safer place. These families have gone through the toughest times trying to escape a place they once called home to being a place of a battle field, they have protected eachother and stayed strong, with hope that someone is going to reach out and help them which is what our organisation is aiming for.

What are we Aiming for?

Our organisation is trying to aim to rescue as many refugee families as possible to provide them a home in Waltham Forest without living in fear, but living in a stable and safe environment. We have already helped two refugee families in starting a life in Waltham Forest and we will continue to support the families as much as possible until they are able to provide money and food for they families themselves. Once they have a stable job and they are confident that they do not need our help, that's when we allow them to continue their lives and try to help another family in the same way.